DNC (Direct Numerical Control) software

JETTerm provides comprehensive DNC facilities and also functions as a paperless nest report and setup sheet.

NC Download

JETTerm allows you to transfer your JETCAM Expert NC output files to your machine through either serial IO connection or file transfer if you have a PC at the control. The Remote Download facility allows the user at the machine tool to send serial download requests for NC files directly from the control. JETTerm can also handle multiple serial NC downloads simultaneously and displays real-time download status on screen for each machine serial connection.


Component Identification

JETTerm 8 aids identification of cut parts on a nest, which in turn facilitates the removal and stacking of like parts, kits of parts, etc. Just select the part number from the displayed list of parts on the nest and those parts will be highlighted in a different colour on the nest view. Alternatively select a part on the nest view and the actual part number will be highlighted on the part list.


JETTerm 8 provides machine operators with a simple, uncomplicated interface at the shop floor, delivering a powerful set of DNC, part identification and paperless job sheet info such as material, parts, and tooling required.

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JETCAM UK distributes the complete range of JETCAM CAD, nesting and Industry 4.0 automation software for the sheet metal and composite manufacturing industries. The product have either been nominated or have won dozens of awards due to their demonstrable return on investment in machine runtime, material utilisation and automation.

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