Material Life/Order Management Software

CrossTrack was developed from the ground up, initially for the aerospace market, to resolve the complex issue of managing orders, materials, nests, parts/plies and kits. Traceability, especially in aerospace is critical - CrossTrack delivers this, giving complete visibility from the initial material, tracking the order, all individual elements and through to the finished part.

Companies using CrossTrack benefit from a massive reduction in the reliance on paper, much greater accuracy, as once entered information is carried electronically through the system, and real time access to live order, material and nest data across the network.

Whether staff need to check the remaining life of a given material, queue orders for nesting, check machine availability or build comprehensive reports, CrossTrack provides a single point of reference for all manufacturing data. With the tight integration into the award-winning JETCAM Expert CAM and Nesting system it also produces and manages highly optimized static or dynamic nests.

CrossTrack Features

Fast return on investment

When integrated with JETCAM's high performance nesting, CrossTrack can often pay for itself in months or even weeks in material savings alone.

Up and running in no time

With full video tutorials covering both installation and usage the learning curve is short. Watch the videos on PCs, tablets or even a mobile device.

Simply ERP/MES integration

CrossTrack has various data exchange methods, allowing you to get data in/out of the system with ease and providing tight and seamless integration with existing systems.

Track location/life to ply level

Know both the location and life of your raw materials, and once they're cut track your kits to ply level until they are out of the autoclave.

Simple shop floor interface

Easily transfer raw materials, layup tools or kits between locations using PCs or mobile devices for complete hands-off logging.

Instant traceability reports

Either drill down on screen or generate a PDF on a kit, roll, tape or entire batch. You can also write your own custom reports to output instantly to Excel.

Document Linking

Associate files with material, batches and kits simply by dragging and dropping, so that staff have access to relevant documents from anywhere. Supports any file format.

Reduce errors

By adopting faster methods of data entry and pre-populating fields with defaults the possibility for errors is massively reduced.


The entire CrossTrack philosophy is to make you self-sufficient rather than reliant on the vendor, with the software just working transparently in the background.

Industry 4.0 Connectivity

CrossTrack provides a number of automation features off-the-shelf. Processes can be automated, such as database backups, generating custom reports or running external commands, each providing error handling capabilities to tackle real-world situations. External applications can be triggered automatically when certain events occur, such as adding a new material or assembly.

Your data - your servers.

There has been a significant push to cloud-based services over the last few years, but this is not suitable for all customers, especially those working in defence. With news headlines each week heralding a new cyber-attack on organizations there is a significant and growing risk of data theft or corruption, especially if held by third parties such as cloud service providers. CrossTrack is designed for both small business and multinationals alike that may want to access it from multiple locations using technologies such as Citrix, which allows data to be housed on internal, secure networks rather than at risk in the cloud. The option is there to host your data in the cloud if you wish.

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JETCAM UK distributes the complete range of JETCAM CAD, nesting and Industry 4.0 automation software for the sheet metal and composite manufacturing industries. The product have either been nominated or have won dozens of awards due to their demonstrable return on investment in machine runtime, material utilisation and automation.

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