Nesting Software for sheet metal and composites

JETCAM Expert Key Features

  • Available in four versions
  • As interactive or automated as required
  • Over 400 postprocessors, with the ability to quicly modify for new technologies
  • Covers punch, laser, combi, plasma, oxy-fuel, waterjet, routing and knife cutters
  • Support for complex machines (load/unload, RAS, sorting robots, etc.)
  • Fully automatic CAD import, with 'healing'
  • Advanced punching features such as Automatic Sheet Processing
  • Advanced profiling features such as JET-Cut, intelligent lead-ins, heat avoidance, etc.
  • Supported by global network of dealers and OEMs
  • Available in several languages, with local support
  • Multi award-winning
  • F2 video help system - press F2 to view a video on key functions

All the key processes can be run using RCP, meaning that ANY third-party application such as an MRP system or JETCAM’s other products can pass instructions to JETCAM Expert that will be processed automatically instead of through user interaction. This essentially turns JETCAM Expert into a CAM ‘black box’; completely unmanned CAD, CAM and nesting system and fully de-skilling the process.

In fact, in RCP mode JETCAM can be controlled directly from machine controller, so the machine operator (or even the controller itself) could request next nest just before cutting of current nest is finished. This offers real JIT (Just In Time) functionality, as all component orders for the day could be placed into a ‘bucket’ (a queue folder assigned to this functionality), where each machine operator (or machine) in the facility would request next nest just before it is needed. When so directed, JETCAM would assemble one nest from the remaining component orders in the ‘bucket’, based on the material available at that particular machine and possibly other criteria, create the NC program and documentation and send it to that particular machine controller. This, by default, allows for painless scheduling and distribution of processing on all machines in the facility and importantly, if one machine becomes unusable for any reason, jobs will be automatically distributed among remaining machines. Furthermore, component orders can be added (and/or removed) at any time to/from the ‘bucket’ and can be prioritised, so catering for emergencies.


JETCAM Expert offers six nesting options – Manual ‘Bump’ Nesting, Rectangular, High Performance Rectangular, Multiple Sheet, Free Form and Free Form High Performance Nesting. The high-performance version can be set to run for a specific amount of time, from seconds to many hours. High volume users, for example, may run the nester overnight to absolutely maximise their material efficiency. Then there is Nest Optimiser, a module which can further optimize a batch of nests by continuing to try different nesting strategies across multiple sheet sizes (either taken from static stock databases or dynamically defined) until it arrives at the best possible combination. There are other functions which can reduce material waste and machine time, such as common cutting, advanced path optimizer, and other features such as JET-Cut.

 nesting software composite sheet metal


The strength of JETCAM is its automation and flexibility. It is designed to run completely unmanned, but allow for user interaction where required. There are many features that solve specific problems, such as:

  • Heat avoidance – useful when cutting thick plate to maintain accuracy
  • ASP for punching (Automatic Sheet Processing) – fully automatic tool placement on the nest, including complete skeleton destruction where desired
  • ASP for laser cutting, including JET-Cut and advanced path optimizer
  • Automatic sucker/magnet placement for robotic sorting equipment
  • Automatic Remnant creation, naming and management
  • Automatic sheet position detection
  • Possibility to cut preformed components (cutting around forms, etc.)
  • JET-Cut – fully automatic fly cutting
  • Automatic lead-in/out and corner management and optimisation

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JETCAM UK distributes the complete range of JETCAM CAD, nesting and Industry 4.0 automation software for the sheet metal and composite manufacturing industries. The product have either been nominated or have won dozens of awards due to their demonstrable return on investment in machine runtime, material utilisation and automation.

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